Monday, September 23, 2019

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Death Ambient "Prophecy" [excerpt]
...with: Omit "OutPut Bender"
Chiemi Eri "Shinonome-Bushi
Divergencia Socialista "Fahrenheit 451/Jeanne Seberg"
Fat Worm of Error "Ruined Appendix"
Leiticia Castaneda "The Careful Steppin' Daisy"
Mono Pause "Lowland Cyst"
Cinise "Nuie"
...mixed with Jonas Gruska "Tecuci Vietor"
David Behrman "Figure in a Clearing" [excerpt]
Impact Test "Feedback" [excerpt]
Monoton "Mutation Waltz"

[the wizard speaks over Rockfort Rock]

The Belles "Melvin"

Bruno Galindo, Javier Diez Ena & Arnaldo Antunes "Mundo Jibaro Numismatico"
Damion Romero/Jarrett Silberman "Untitled" from the String of Artifacts comp
Scattered Purgatory "Dream of a Yellow Sorghum" [excerpt]
...with Alexandre Saint-Onge "Amour aux yeux hagards"
David Tudor "Pulsers" [excerpt]
Endometrium Cuntplow "In This Night Air"

[your dj speaks!]

Trevor Dandy "Is There Any Love?"

Hainbach "A New Moon"
Chicago lakefront
Beach Surgeon "Juno Skull"
Oxbow "Over"
Black Mountain Transmitter "Drawn In Silhouette"
...mixed eventually with: Sayno Productions "Waterglass" [excerpt]

[the dj speaks over Silvia Kastel's "Target"]

Gravetemple "Az Orok Vegetelen Uresseg"

...with: Wolf Eyes "Shattered Hallway"
Rafael Toral "The Horizon"
...with Sugar in the Body "We Are Fighting For Peace"
...and then with the Reverend Jim Jones
...who I then mixed with Steve Bates "Live #3"
Rodion G.A. "Paradox"

He Said "Pump"

[the wizard's turn to talk, again]

Otoboke Beaver "I'm tired of your repeating story"

Pony Sherrell "Jungle Ungle, Um, Bai"
Ground Zero "TV-Q Missile"
Faust "...So Far"
Skozey Fetisch "Make It Deliriant Leakage From The Exotic Understructure"
Burnt Friedman "Healer"

[dj talking]

Bigawatt "Ocotillo"

Marina Rosenfeld "Seeking Solace/Why, Why?"
Lady Saw "Sycamore Tree"

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