Monday, October 7, 2019

Our Day Will Come: WZRD Playlist, Oct. 7th 2019

Checkers speech
...mixed with Bengt Hambraeus "Doppelrohr II"
Meat Beat Manifesto "Edge of No Control"
...mixed with unknown noise track
The Fabulous Terrifics "Angel"

[TRAINEE INTERLUDE... not recorded]

Illusion of Safety- live in Hamburg, 2001
... with: Allen Ginsburg
...and soundtrack to Eraserhead
Lotte Lenya "Alabama Song"
The Royaltones "Crazy Love"
Rodion G.A. "Uneori"
The Pump "Lord Sumo"
Skozey Fetisch "Neatly Entwined Transparent Phase Thing"
Korean Jeans "Frozen"

[your DJ speaks!]

T. Rex "Calling All Destroyers"
Mars "3-E"
Blood Rhythms "Alchemy & Grief"

[the wzrdj speaks over Fast Eddie's "Acid Thunder"]

Hans Grusel's Krankenkabinet "Mystisch Vorahnung-Haul Break-Mystisch Nach Trauma"
Spider Compass Good Crime Band "In Between The Kneed For Nourishment And Lateral Meniscal Cartilage-Bowls"
Javier Diez Ena & His Theremins "Noche de Fieste en Urano"
...eventually mixed with Andrew Paine & Richard Youngs "The Science of Trains: All Roads Are Mapped"
Coral Remains "DNA Eraser"
Bonnacons of Doom "Esus"
Zaimph "Ephemeral and the Material"
Battiato "Improvvisazione"
Vanity Productions "The Silk of Life" [excerpt]

 [end of recording]

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