Monday, May 29, 2017


[originally aired Monday, 5/22/2017 on WZRD Chicago]


Negativland “Style”
Eugeniusz Rudnik “Swit Majowy”
Lustmord “At Thee Mountains of Madness”
Krube “Untitled” from Untitled
Kondaktor “Hatch”
Konrad Schnitzler “Bis Die Blaue Blume Blüht”
Alvars Orkester “Irenic Urchin”
Fred Wesley & The JB’s “Blow Your Head”
Penguin Café Orchestra “Yodel 1”
Torben Snekkestad “South Abyss”
Robin singing
James Tenney “Koan”
Colin Stetson “Home”
Edward Ka Spel “Six Cats on a Dead Man’s Chest”
Thu Hien “Hoa Cau Vuon Trau”
Ike Yard “Cherish”
Afrique’s “House of the Rising Funk”

[yiyr djh sgoeajs]

AMK & GX Jupitter-Larsen “Red Flag”
Jon Appleton “Chef d’uvre”
The Burtons “MacArthur Park”
Seasick “My ass is Satan”
Chicken Granny “Quit the Body”
I’d m thfft able “blooper thru rot, y’clock fucker”
Death Praxis “Economic Noise”
Malcolm Galaxy “Fever”
Daniel Wohl “Formless”
Israel Martinez “Mere Presence”
Daniel Menche – track 1 from Incineration
Excerpt from the Faust Tapes
Pharmakon “Squall”
Ultravox “Saturday Night in the City of the Dead”
Daevid Allen “Oo La La”
The White Pigs “When Bobby Comes Back”
Shit n Shine “Take Robe Off”
Kondaktor “Cockpit”
Black Eg “Just Vincent”
Drinking Electricity “Discord Dance”
Brook Hinton “What are we Missing?”
Foetus “Smut”
Cory “The Smirf”
Helen Thorington “Partial Perceptions”
…with Ralph Lundsten’s “Through a Landscape of Mirrors” mixed in
Machinefabriek “Fonograf”
Mar Seck “Mini Company”

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