Thursday, May 4, 2017

Looky Here!

[originally aired on Monday, 5/1/2017 from 4-7pm on WZRD Chicago, 88.3 FM]


Georgie Joe “Eliza”
Club Moral “Which Side Are You On?”
Skozey Fetisch “extreme evidence, exquisite options”
Test Dept. Pulsations 2”
Whitehouse “Munkisi Munkondi”
Bruce Lacey “Earth Spirit 4”
[your DJ speaks over Iancu Dumitrescu’s “Monades”]
Armand Schaubroek Steals “Elmira Bound”
Lloyd Charmers “Shaft”
The Night Flight “Without You”
Wayne County & The Electric Chairs “Wonder Woman”
My Cat Is an Alien “The Dance of Oneirism #3” [excerpt]
Keiji Haino/Loren Connors, recorded live in April 1995 [excerpt]
Clang Quartet “Idiot”
Gary Numan & Tubeway Army “Music for Chameleons”
KeDa “La Lune De Coree”
Peter Hansen “Winter Air”
[your dj speaks]
Ande Somby “Gadni” (recorded by Chris Watson)
Sohrab “Pedagogicheskaya Poema”
P16D4 – excerpt of the album, Distruct
Illusion of Safety “Special Passing”
Public Image Ltd. “Socialist”
Die Form “Passion & Supplice”
Tony Wakeford & Steven Stapleton “Walk the White Ghost”
Dalek I Love You “Horrorscope”
Akio Suzuki “Bottle”
J.J. Johnson “Parade Strut” from Willie Dynamite OST
Finitribe “Detestimony”
Margaret Leng Tan – Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata performed on toy piano
Krube “Untitled” from Untitled  (the track that starts out sounding like crackling flames)
Asmus Tietchens “Ohrensausen” [excerpt]
Annea Lockwood, Art Baron, Charles Wood, J.D. Parran, John Snyder, Libby Van Cleve, Michael Pugliese, N. Scott robinson and Peter Zummo “Thousand Year Dreaming: Breathing and Dreaming”
Alvin Lucier “In Memoriam Jon Higgins (for clarinet in A and slow, pure wave oscillator) [excerpt]
The Electronic Concept Orchestra “Aquarius”
[your dj speaks]
Okay you turkeynecks, it’s The Novas doing “The Crusher”
Killdozer “Knuckles the Dog”

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