Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Instructions for Removing Wax from Fabric

[originally aired on 88.3 FM WZRD Chicago on May 22, 2017]

Charlemagne Palestine “Sine Wave Study”
Meredith Monk “braid 2”
Guapo “Obscure Knowledge”
Container “Interior”
Gamelan from the village of Katewei in Bali
Institute Fur Bezahlbaren Wahnsinn, excerpt from Unterwebs Zum Documenta
Pharmakon “Sleepwalking Form” (from her latest album, Contact)
Trad, Gras, Och Stenar “I Can’t Get No Satisfaction”
Anomy “Waiting at the Station”

[your dj speaks over Mancini’s theme from Touch of Evil]

Michael Yonkers Band “Kill the Enemy”
Really old White Zombie “Magdalene”
African Head Charge “Breeding Space”
Machinefabriek “Cymbal II”
Christina Kubisch & Eckehard Gunter “Amplified Speech from Mosque”
Birds in the Meadow “Count”
Christina Kubisch & Eckehard Gunter “Abandoned Hotel at Night”
Graham Lambkin “Theatre Recital”
Hans Grusel’s Krakenkabinet “Comb Parade”

[your dj speaks over Galt MacDermot’s “Coffee Cold”]

Poul Gernes – untitled harmonium piece, with kid and other noises in background
Tom Darksmith “Shared Empty Space”
Wendy Carlos “Incantation”
Sleep Chamber “Satanic Sanction”
…with Part 5 of Scanner’s “In Between” mixed in
…with Laraaji’s “Essence” mixed in
Lars Carlsson “Pavers”
Mayhem “Sylvester Infang” and “Deathcrush”
Peace Corpse “Breach Birth”
Public Image Ltd. “Flowers of Romance”
Catherine Jauniaux & Jim Hodgkinson “Un Escadrille de Sorcieres”
~Unknown~ from the Canary Records comp, Love is a One-Way Traffic (“untraced song, Jenny”)

[your dj speaks]

Throbbing Gristle “Adrenalin”
NYZ “Creativalizationistizm Unhinged”
Trevor de Brauw “Distinct Frequency”
The Meteors “Little Red Riding Hood”

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