Wednesday, July 5, 2017


[originally aired on Monday, 6/26/2017]

Sonic Youth “Youth Against Fascism”
Gerry & The Holograms “Gerry & The Holograms”
Mammal “Untitled” from the Hanson Records Michigan compilation
7-HURTZ “Stokers Motor” [Excerpt]
Red Rot “Untitled” from that same Michigan compilation
Robert Wyatt “It”
The Kinks “You Really Got Me”
Moglass “Third Cat-Sleep”
Purling Hiss “Gitar Damage, Part 2”
Prince “Paisley Park” “SN1054”
Wolves Baying

[your dj speaks over Bernard Hermann's “Thank God for the Rain” from the Taxi Driver soundtrack]

Rhetta Hughes “Light My Fire”
Frank Pahl “Automatic Marimba #1”
John Watermann “Toowong Cemetery”
Carmen Miranda “Bambu Bambu”
The Four Players Group “Yasaburo-Bushi”
Cheryl E. Leonard “Point 8 Underwater Brash” from Chattermarks: Field Recordings from Palmer Station, Antartica”
Wang Fan & Dickson Dee “Sin”
Davis Redford Triad “Violent Stupid Friend”
Morton Poulsen “Aerodynamics Part 2”
Obnox “Village Idiot”

[your living dj talks over some more Gerry & Hologramz]

Black Sheep “The Choice is Yours”
Impact Allstars “Extraordinary Dub”
The Loop Orchestra “Circa 1901”
William Basinski & Richard Chartier “Untitled 3” [mixed in]
Tom Recchion “The Haunted Laboratory”
Merzbow w/ Gore Beyond Necropsy “Chaos Disorder Rectal Anarchy”
Lolo & Sosaku “Nam June Paik”
Thai Thanh “Burng Sang” (Dawn)
Zig Ziglar, excerpt from “You and the Drug Scene: The Problem and the Solutions”
Simon Wetham & Colin Potter “Crossover”
Spooky music and laughing
run run run, then you're sliiiidin' on your tum!
Pedro Santos "Agua Viva"
Lophorina “Drums”

[the dj speaks]

Peter J. Woods “The Notion of Progress Accepted as Myth”
Kiowa Slow War Dance performed by David Apakaun and the Kiowa Singers
“Anixantaria” performed by Theodore Vassilikos Ensemble
Elza Soares “Maria da Vila Matilde”
Zounds “War” and “Subvert”
AWOL “Hell House”
Runhild Gammelsaeter & Lasse Marhaug “Ungilded”
Jimi Tenor “Order of Noth ing n e  s    s” [excerpt]

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