Wednesday, July 19, 2017


[Originally aired on July 17th, 2017]


Maria Teresa Luciani “The Poor Neighborhood” and “Supermarket”
Ben Richter “I Am The Wind”
Gurdjieff recording from 1949
Wat? Sanitar! “Me and My Monkey”
Lydia Lunch w/ Lucy Hamilton “How Men Die in Their Sleep”
Black Pus “Dreamon”
Sudden Infant “Future Cheese”
Wheel!  Of!  Fortune!
Kema “Hamadan”
Ruya Cagla “Odana Serdim Hali”
No UFO’s “PCM Track III”
Charles Dodge “Earth’s Magnetic Field”
Bruce Ditmas “Incubo”

[your DJ speaks over some music from Jaques Tati’s “Play Time”]

Idles “Well Done”
Speedwolf “High on Fire”
Guy Reibel “Fluide”
Harry Nilsson “Jump Into the Fire”
Heldon “Stand By”
Asmus Tietchens “JWAT 2”
Machinefabriek “Crumble” [excerpt]
Absolut Null Punkt “Emanation Nihilo” [excerpt]
Burning Star Core “Untitled”
William Shatner “Elegy for the Brave” [slowed down somewhat]
Brian Eno “Shadow”
Pascale Comelade “White Light” and “Approximate but Fair”

[your DJ speaks briefly]

Alvin Lucier “Music for Solo Performer”
AGF “I Am: New Woman”

[the dj speaks again]

Sister O.M. Terrell “God’s Little Birds”
Big City Orchestra “Bulldog”
Laibach “Get Back”
Morton Subotnick “Butterfly 3” mixed with…
Premature Ejaculation “Death Works as You Drift”
Death Praxis “Magic”

 [your dj speaks over “Baby Elephant Walk” performed by the Trombone Gang ‘stars]

Was (Not Was) Dad I’m In Jail
Ganimian & His Orchestra “Hedy Lou”
The Soft Boys “The Yodeling Hoover”
Implog “She Creatures”
23 Skidoo “Urban Gamelan”

[your dj speaks]

Bib Daddy Kane “Ain’t No Half-Steppin’”

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