Wednesday, August 30, 2017

False Confessions

Originally aired on Monday, August 28th 2017

The Moody Blues “Question”
Faust “Ich bin ein Pavian”
Yakuza “Just Say Know”
Porest “The Highest Order”
Neal Jendon “Science Security Logic”
Fad Gadget “Ricky’s Hand”

[your dj speaks over Harmonia’s “Veterano”]

Billy Boyo “Zim Zim”
Cinema Verite “Die Zone”
Moira Scar “De/Monster/A-Tiff”
Ray Jones “It’s Her Money I’m After”
“The Race” from Russ Meyer’s Faster Pussycat!  Kill!  Kill!”
Theme from Stiffed
Maja Ratkje “Insomnia” [excerpt]
True Natural Crew “Monsanto”
Bloodyminded “Exercise (One)”
False Confession “Inside”

[your dj speaks]

DJ Cummerbund “Earth, Wind, & Ozzie”
Dead Boys “Hey Little Girl”
Funhausen “La Blooze”
Morton Subotnik “Butterfy 2” from 4 Butterflies
Kerlin/Klein/Kruger “tumbling spider” from the album soda play
Anne Gillis “Silence”
Pascal Comelade “musique ridicule”
Jason Crumer “Self Pity Fuck”
Smegma “I’m Pooped”
Harry Nilsson “Suberranean Homesick Blues”
World Domination Enterprises “Asbestos Lead Asbestos”

[your dj speaks]

Zack Kouns “Palms of Trees and Hands”
Hattie Noel on men
Christian Bock “Bosse I Bitar”
The Sun God “The Library of Babel”
Hovercraft “Phantom Limb”
Mr. Flagio “Take a Chance”
Emptyset “Interstice”


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