Sunday, October 1, 2017

What's that on your head

[originally aired September 18th, 2017]


Xdugef “Bosslady Speaks, You Listen” [excerpt]
Neal Jendon “Staggers and Folds”
Guapo “Obscure Knowledge” [mixed in with Jendon]
Song of the Wagogo people of central Tanzania
The The “Sweet Bird of Truth”
Semisolid “Polizei” from the District of Noise, Vol. 6 compilation
Phebe Kildeer & The Shift “Let’s Talk a Good Story” [excerpt]
Porest “Pleurisy”
Wang Changcun “Sea-Food”
Fast Forty “Yeah Right Now”
Smegma “F & V”
Leon Berry playing “They Didn’t Believe Me” on the Wurlitzer pipe organ, on the dustiest record I have ever played on air
Winters in Osaka “Molded to Crawl”
Little Richard “Hound Dog”

[your dj speaks, finally!]

Da! …oops I played “Fish Shit” by accident!
Todd “Chair Fight”
Dit & Uta “Science Fiction Park”
Sister Nancy “Bam Bam”
Redglaer “Untitled” from American Masonry [excerpt]
Mohamed Abdel Wahhab “Al-Qamh”
Philip Sanderson “Trap Door Decoupage”
The Celebrate Music Synthesizer Group “Millions of Decaliters” [excerpt]
Jacques Brodier “Passage De Villemahu”
Chris Brown “Talking Drum” (layered in)
Pete Shelley “Homosapien”

[your DJ speaks over “They Reminisce Over You”]

The B-52s “Wig”
Celtic Frost “Into the Crypts of Rays” – was looking for their cover of “Mexican Radio” but this will have to do
…with Xdugef’s “Scream” coming out of that…
Captain Three Leg “Stylish Facial Hair”
Faust “Der Kaffee kocht”
MiLkBabY “that drifter’s song”
Lars Gunnarson “Soon She Would…”
Songs of the Humpback Whale
Rotten Piece “Fever Flower”
Holger Czukay “Witches’ Multiplication Table”
Sixes “Untitled” 16-minute track from Organ Cuts II
…with the Reverend C.L. Franklin mixed in…
More whales…
Accident Du Travail “La Boule”

[your dj speaks over some more whales]

Zack Kouns “Outlines of Absence”
Jock Scott “Ode to the Warwick”
Fad Gadget “State of the Nation
Val Denham “Raincloud”
The Chipmunks sing “I Want to Hold Your Hand”
CAN “Turtles Have Short Legs”
Circulator System “Woodpecker Greeting Worker Ant”
Work/Death “Like Two Little Magnets”
The Moody Blues “Your Wildest Dreams”

[your DJ speaks]

Flea Circus “Skank Minnow”

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