Thursday, October 19, 2017

A Very Important Question about Bach

[originally aired on Monday, October 16, 2017]

Arthur Brown’s Kingdom Come “Time Captives”
Strategy “Fossil Data”
Great Waitress “Pleats” [mixed in]
Tod Dockstader “Water Music, Part 3” from 1963 (excerpt)
Dawn of Midi “Ijiraq”
Sex Bruises “Contusion” [excerpt- mixed in]
Anne-James Chaton – unknown track from Evenements 9
R.D. Burman “Freak Out Music”
Chris Watson “El Divisadero”
Hubert Zemler “Variations on the Theme “Suaves Figures””
Crawl Unit “Holy Static” [mixed in]
The Brothers Four “Rock Island Line”
Xao Seffcheque “Du und ich”
Helene Breschand & Elliott Sharp “La Langue Dans Ma Bouche”
Form a Log “Chain Valet”
Francisco Meirino “Render” [excerpt]
Can “Mushroom”
David Bowie “Bombers”

[your DJ speaking rudely over Ravi Shankar]

Kitchen and the Plastic Spoons “Icecream to God”
Arianna Puello “Asi Es La Negra”
Young Marble Giants “Choci Loni”
Dat Politics “Senior Actif”
Laibach “Panorama”
ARKKON “Spiritus Dei”
Bren’t Lewiis Ensemble “The Drowning Machine”
Chrome “Meet You in the Subway”
H3OH “Untitled” from untitled album
Circuit Wound “Patience Wears Thin” [excerpt]
Gummi Bears!
Van Halen “Sunday Afternoon in the Park”
Five or Six “Another Reason”

[your dj speaks]

Hell in a Handbasket “Betray”
Donny Hathaway “Giving Up”
The Record Company “Rita Mae Young”
Tom Waits “Dead & Lovely”
Kerlin/Klein/Kruger  “Tumbling Spider” mixed into…
John Cage & David Tudor “Indeterminancy”
Screwtape “A Las Barricadas!”
Some monks growling
Gnod “Bodies for Money”
Trailer for the 1929 film, “Queen of the Nightclubs”
[your DJ speaks over Jimmy Smith’s “The Cat”]

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