Tuesday, October 3, 2017

Something's in there.

[originally aired on 10/2/2017]

Ilhan Mimaroglu “Immolation Scene”
KARP “J is for Genius”
Frank Rosaly “Centering and Displacement” Side A
James Whitehead “Air Attack over Kabul Airfield”

[your dj speaks briefly over the Whitehead recording]

Negativland “Now” from the album, Guns [excerpt]
Merzbow & Russell Haswell “Unlock the Mysteries of the Sun” [excerpt]
Malik Adouane “Shaft (Orientale Version)”
Santigold “Can’t Get Enough of Myself”
Jarboe “A Woman’s Dreams”
The Chorale Mystique performing “Eicha”
Doris Norton “Psychoraptus”
Xao Seffcheque “Mannesmann”
The Dead Milkmen “Pit”
Felipe Araya “Punata” [recorded live in Bolivia][excerpt]

[your dj speaks]

Andre Williams “Jailhouse Blues”
Hamilton Leithauser “Road to Nowhere”
Pamelia Kurstin “Eschschloraque”
Nocturnal Emissions “When were you last in control?”
Renaldo and the Loaf “Ow” Stew the Red Shoe”
The Marvellettes “Beechwood 4-5789”

[your dj speaks over el barbero de sevilla]

Maya Angelou “Donkey City”
Can “Flow Motion”
Encomiast “io”
Intro to peter pan
Hank Williams “Lost Highway”
Meg Lee Chin “Swallow You”
Porest “Boloko”
Neil Jendon “Fear Sickness”
Hukwe Zawose “Sisitizo La Amani Duniani”
Rotten Piece “Ofunesama”
Fats Waller “A Little Bit Independent”

[your dj speaks over “Johnny’s Dive” by Robert Farnon]

Harry Nilsson “At My Front Door”
Moira Scar “Space Time Resonators”
Balcanes “Combustible”
Very Impossible Person “Sweep Music” (Yabba Dabba Who’s Your Mama??)
Spatial “A Music of Sound Systems”
Keiji Haino – something from his 1981 album

[your dj speaks over the Rockabye Baby version of Sanitarium]

Tomutonttu “Tihentyvasta Harpusta-Tarjous”
Godspeed You! Black Emperor “Undoing a Luciferian Towers” [excerpt]

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