Sunday, October 1, 2017

Blue Lights and Rows of Houses

[originally aired on 9/25/2017]


BLK W/BEAR “Stars Fell on Alabama”
PBK “Fleshbook Ecstacy”
Quattropage “Youch”
Brigitte Fontaine & Areski Belkacem “Le ciel est doux”
Georges Brassens “Pauvre Martin”
Christophe Charles “Karkowski in Amazonia”
David Oliphane “Eyes Sewn Shut”
Gnod “People”
Ravi Shankar “Ahir Bhaira” Raga
Yannick Dauby – track 2 from Lind, Raud
Fast Forty “Class Warfare is Confusion”
Big City Orchestra doing the Theme from The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

[your dj speaks, finally]

Helm “Carrier” [mixed into the end of the BCO][excerpt]
Sixes – untitled 8.5-minute track from Organ Cuts II [excerpt]
Cheapmachines – untitled track from Accessory [excerpt]
The Ethiopians “Engine ‘54”
Holger Czukay “Sudetenland”
Jackie Wilson “Reet Petite”
Tha Alkaholiks “Daaam!”
Scientist “Blood On His Lips”

[your dj speaks over the Scientist]

Garnet Mimms “Cry Baby”
Edward Ka-Spel “Avengelist” and “God in a Cupboard” from Eyes! China Doll
Das Gluck “Die Bombe”
Carl Stone “Axis”
Death Factory “Restraint is Hard” [excerpt]
Chrome “Chromosome Damage”
Bizita Q “The Worst Misery Ever”
The London Symphony Orchestra performing Gimme Shelter

[your dj speaks over that]

Theme “Valentine (Lost) Forever”
The Beginning of the End “Funky Nassau, Pt. 2”

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