Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Sweet Cream

[Originally aired on July 10th, 2017 on WZRD 88.3 FM Chicago]


Bird Songs
Pierre Henry [RIP at 89] “Apres la mort”
Pierre Henry “Electro-Genese”
Spooky Tooth & Pierre Henry “Jubilation”
Sesame Street Counting to 12
Moth Cock@ Pittsburgh Overground Studio, 2010 (from the cassette: In Pursuit of Carmichael’s Hoagie” [excerpt]
Commando Bruno “sirocco”
R. Stevie Moore “Little Man”
Square/Sine “Scission subtile”
More Moth Cock
Silver Abuse “Abducted by the Lobstermen”
Blood Rhythms – excerpt from the LP, Assembly and an excerpt from the recording of a 2008 performance at Elastic Arts in Chicago

[your dj speaks over big daddy kane instrumental]

Extra sugarfree!
Ce Francois Couture “Vie cache”
Negativland “Executive Window…” [excerpt] [mixed in]
Alvin Lucier “Clocker” [excerpt]
Taboehgan Gamelan
Adriano Celentano “Desidero te”
Ben Richter “Panthalassa, I”
Lee Patterson “Moine Mhor Wires” [mixed in w/ the Richter]
Morris Pert “Chromosphere”
Francisco Lopez “Untitled # 200”
Psyclones & Pacific 231 (Psy 231) “Ecstacy on Rye”
Lussuria “Venus in Retrograde”
Black Pus “Dreamon”
Machine Listener “Center of Mass Animated”
Asmus Tietchens “JWAT 1” [Epitaph for John Watermann]
Nancy Sinatra “The End of the World”

[your dj speaks over VALIANT & VALIANT]

KRS-One “Sound of da Police”
The Noyes Brothers “Night Sky Vision”
Scientist & Jammy “Flash Gordon Meets Luke Skywalker”
F/I “The Ninth Corner”
Minor Threat “Stumped”
Don’t be a dragon lady!

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