Monday, January 21, 2019

Insubordination: WZRD playlist 1/21/2019


Borful Tang "Soundclash at Wonder Inn
Zorch "Adrenalin"
Harry Partch "Daphne of the Dunes" [excerpt]
...mixed for a while with: Drew Mulholland "A Spectre Coils" [excerpt]
Lily Greenham "7 Consonants in Space"
D.Z. Lectric & Anthon Shield "Holes & Gates"
Roots Manuva "Revolution 5"
Wolf Vostell "Garden of Delices"
Nico "Camera Obscura"
Phantom Band "Loading Zone"
James Wood "Cloud-Polyphones: 1. Starlings"

[your DJ speaks over Brother Ah's "Hanifah"]

Tohuwabohu "OAFRM3"
Mutant Freak "Pixel Flesh"
...mixed with: moraljetlag "L'origine du monde" [excerpt]
In Camera "Apocalypse"
Slime "Pseudo"
La otra cara de un jardin "Ein mensch muss ein instrument spielen"
Deee-Lite "Pussycat Meow"
Phlegm "Eros Thanatos"
Corazon de Robota "Vientos Estelares" [excerpt]

[your dj speaks over some Sun Ra]

Danielle Dax "Uru Eu Wau Wau"
...mixed with: Alvin Lucier's "Marimba" from Still and Moving Lines of Silence in Families of Hyperbolas
Arnold Dreyblatt "Group Velocity"
Jed Davenport "How Long Blues"
Esmark "Keicke"
...mixed with: Mammal "Skin Tricks" [excerpt]
Zeek Sheck "Life is Our Trophy"
unknown track from a Chinese LP we have in the WZRD library
Zihuantanejo Exchange "Scythe to Mow"
...mixed a bit with: Phill Niblock "Neural Synthesis No. 8"

[your DJ speeks]

Cakewalk "Monkeys"
Los Siquicos Litoralenos "Misa Criolla Psiquica"
Betty Harris "I'm Evil Tonight"
Marc Barreca "Organized Labor"
Baba Yaga, excerpt of Side 1 of Collage
Le Syndicat "A Foretaste Of Le Syndicat"

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