Monday, January 28, 2019

The Anarchist's Lookbook: WZRD Playlist 1/28/2019

Osso Exotico "Rota de Inverno"
Cultural Amnesia "Laughter in the Next Room" from their cassette, Video Rideo
Brume "Split Brain Number 1" [excerpt]
Die Trip Computer Die "Messrs Smirkett & Bloat" [excerpt]
El Abranis "Ayetheri-A L'Afjare"
Sunburned Hand of the Man "The Parakeet Beat"
Phil Milstein "Hi Joe" and "Feed Me"
The West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band "Buddha"
Sebastian Rochford  & Pamelia Kurstin "Slow"
Illusion of Safety "Rendering" [excerpt]
Hacker Farm "Chelyabinsk 65"
the sound of a finished record
The Bonzo Dog Band "I'm the Urban Spaceman"

[your dj speaks over Shostakovish's Symphony #10, 2nd movement]

Chris Connelly "Mirado, Matador, Minataur"
Carl Stone "Liquid Body"
Lessons "Pull Someone's Leg"
Port Said & Anton Tibbe "Migration"
Rip Rig & Panic "Beat the Beast"
Foetus "Diabolus in Musica"
The Vibrators "Disco in Mosco"

[your dj speaks over a recording of bells in Cologne]

Shoes for Industry "Invasion of the French Boyfriends"

The Residents "Mr. Lonely"
666 Braw Destroyer "The Hammer of Zeuz"
Swans "Cop"
Betty Davis "He Was a Big Freak"
Deep Burial "GlueBagLung"
dial-up sound 700% slower
"Dastah Shur" performed by the Faramarz Payvar Ensemble

[your dj speaks]

Simon Fisher Turner "Cool Marble Arms"

Anthony Pateras & Robin Fox "Prelude"
Al Robertson "Dignity of Labour"
OK Putrid "Flippin' Tables"
Gang Starr "Work"

[your DJ speaks again]

Halo of Flies "Tired & Cold"

Chrome "Zombie Warfare"
Joseph Hammer "Mirror Lake" [excerpt]
L'Anarchie Pour Le UK
...more of that Joseph Hammer...
...mixed with: Sulochana Brahaspati "Raga Bilaskhani Todi"
...mixed with Neil Jenson "Seductress Third Class"

...mixed with Arrington de Dionyso & Ravi Padmanabha "Voice and Bowed Percussion"

...mixed with Brian Case "Sisix"

[your DJ speaks over The Great Kat's "Beethoven Mosh"]

Jr. Walker & The All Stars "Shake and Fingerpop"

Los Siquicos Litoralenos "Lanzamiento Exclusivo"
Will Guthrie "Fognap"
Digital Natives "Wait, 'tis well!"

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