Monday, February 4, 2019

Bugs Bunny Hologram: WZRD playlist 2/4/2019

To Live and Shave in LA: "Displaced by Double Bed"

Justin Marc Lloyd "Geometric Vortex Points" [excerpt]
Robert Normandeau "Bede"
Jos Smolders "Resonance 2"
Gum Takes Tooth "No Walls, No Air"
Acid Horse "No Name, No Slogan"
Robert Rutman "Steel Cello & Bow Chime" [excerpt]
...mixed with The Nevari Butchers "Arms 5"
Chris Haambwiila "Saansa Cisanse"

[your DJ speaks over "Elise on the Run" by Guy Skornik]

Mamuthones "Cars"
Aner Andros "Luminous Kids"
Asmus Tietchens/Arcane Device "T3/M1/3" [excerpt]
Alexandre Bazin "Angel Dust"
Sinistre! "The Sweetman Variations"
Butthole Surfers "Dum Dum"

[your DJ speaks over Freedom Express "Get Down"]

Pigface "Cylinder Head World"
Zazou Bikaye "Woa"
Christian Marclay "Dust Breeding"
...mixed with John Duncan's "Breath Choir"
...mixed with Merzbow "Electric Salad" [excerpt]
Benjamin Lew & Steve Brown "Etendue"

[your dj speaks, again]

Waqwaq Kingdom "I Would Like to Let You Go"
Aural resuscitation unit "To let go Of it"
...mixed with Gilbert, Lewis, & Mills "Mzui"
Alan Vega & Pansonic "Medal"
Love of Life Orchestra "Extended Niceties"
Corporate Park "Pundit Mantra"
Ton Steine Scherben "Keine Macht fur niemand"
Perennial Divide "Captain Swing"  wooo!
hey, wait a second, this isn't In The Nursery!  It's Ramrod by Foetus!
Oneida "Steel Rod"
Susan Christie "I Love Onions"

[your dj speaks!]

Hacker Farm "Fukkit"
Daevid Allen "Money Doesn't Make It"
Francis Dhomont "Impolosion"
The Anti-Group Communication "Broadcast Test Transmission 1"
Jacques Tremblay "Le Vidoir"
The Honeymoons "The Formula of Silence"
Jackie Shane "Any Other Way"
 *end of recording*

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