Monday, February 25, 2019

A Response to a Fact: WZRD Playlist 2/25/2019

Charles McKinley will hypnotize you now
Niellerade Fallibilisthorstar "Schakt"
Nurse With Wound "The Golden Age of Telekenesis" (most of it)
Ali Jihad Racy "The Land of the Blessed"
...mixed with AMK/PBK/Rob Backus "Belly of the Beast"
Popol Vuh "Mantra of the Touching of the Earth" [excerpt]
Sun Hammer "Reverberations"
Funhausen "I-VD-I"
Jambinai "Echo of Creation"

[your DJ speaks over Ikue Mori, Robert Quine, and Marc Ribot]

Can "Gommorha"
...mixed with... Michel Redolfi "Palm Canyon"
...mixed with: The Plugz "Reel Ten"
Martoc "Sex Kills"
Mac Blackout "Our Eyes are in the Sky"
Hermine "The Story of a Ridiculous Dummy"
Domingo Cura "Viento Norte"
Nicola Ratti "r402"
Burning Star Core, something from the Everyday World of Bodies
Puce Mary "The Size of Our Desires"

[the DJ speaks!]

Das Synthetische Mischgewebe "Untitled 19" from Frequency Conquistadors [excerpt]
Wiseblood "Someone Drowned in My Pool"
Ellis & Cephas "I'm Gonna Miss You Girl"
Jerusalem "Primitive Man"
Warlock Pinchers "Introducing Ourselves"
Red Square "Nakamichi 4"
Anthony Pateras & Robin Fox "A Simple Death"
Severed Heads "Twenty Deadly Diseases"
Here Comes Myyyy Baaaaaabyyyyyyyyy

[your DJ speaks over Majeure's "Moonbow"]

Haus Arafna "Social Automation"
Phil Kline "Bachman's Warbler" [for harmonica & boomboxes]
JH1.FS3 "Far from Spring"
Paul Bowles "Up Above World"

[your DJ speaks over Peter & the Wolf]

Zazou Bikaye "Lamuka"
Theme from Barney Miller
Melvin Jackson "Cold Duck Time"
 * end of recording*

Peace out kiddos

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