Monday, March 4, 2019

Discs, Discs, Discs: WZRD Playlist 3/4/2019

Coil & Black Sun Productions "When the Cocoon Is Finished the Spider Watches the Victim"
Arkkon "Cyanosis"[excerpt]
Arthur Brown's Kingdom Come "Galactic Zoo"
The Focus Group "Kinky Korner Klub"
Chester Hawkins "Sepia"
Justin Marc Lloyd "Window Voice" and "Apologizing at Every Turn" [excerpt]
...mixed with Fluxmonkey Cryptosonology side B, track 3
Lemon Kittens "Shakin All Over"
New Monuments "Whiter Hair Bleeds Orange"

[your DJ speaks!]

Kevin Drumm "Impish Tyrant 2"
Augie Moreno "Spanish Harlem"
Willie Dunn "Peruvian Dream part 2"
Alex Chilton "Bangkok"
KK Null "Nijugo"
Alexandra Atnif "Live In Shame"
Mudderstein "Blodstorkenebb"
Pascal Comelade playing Brian Eno's "Taking Tiger Mountain"
Helmut Lachenmann "Guero"
Fad Gadget "Collapsing (Berlin Mix)"

[your DJ speaks over some instrumental Trs4Frs]

Alternative TV "Action Time Vision"
Shit y Shine "Goat $hit"
...mixed with: Houshang Zarif "Dastgah of Chahargah" (pitch shifted down)
The Nevari Butchers "Arms 4" [excerpt]
... layered with: Lewis Mumford
Yma Sumac "Jivaro"
The Tobacconists "A Secret Place"
...mixed, toward the end, with Gintas K "Ritmas"
MonoMono "Give the Beggar a Chance"
FIS "Knecht"
Music From The Film "Razzle Dazzle"

[Dj talking some more]

Jambinai "Abyss"
Evil Blizzard "Sacrifice"
...mixed a little with Russell Haswell's remix of "Tibetan Quaaludes" by Earth
(some more of that Russell  Haswell/Earth)
Laurent Dolcino "Parent liquide" [excerpt]

[this evening's DJ speaks over "Persia" by Modern Mechanical Music]

Ralph Lundsten "Through a Landscape of Mirrors"
Edward Ka-Spel "Elvis of the Modern World"
Autechre "Eutow" [excerpt]
Merzbow, Mats Gustafsson & Balazs Pandi "Like Razor Blades in the Dark"
the sound of a dishwasher
The Rulers "Wrong 'Em Boyo"

[PSA time]

Bryan & The Haggards "Okie from Muskogee"
Alice, Caught in a Dream


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