Monday, March 18, 2019

New Treasure: WZRD 9/17/2018

Alien Vegan Sect “Cryptolecte”
John Hudak “Uluk Reconstitution”
Illusion of Safety “In 110 Countries”
LR & Puce Mary “Lucia”
Legendary Pink Dots “Abracadabra”
Strafe “Set It Off”
Eisenhauer “Insekten”
Gianfranco Reverberi “Orgiastic Ritual”
The Electras “Soul Searchin’”
Bastien Keb “Her”

[your DJ speaks over the theme from Lawrence of Arabia]

Zack Kouns “Man Doesn’t Return”
Small Cruel Party “Autokitty Go No Go”
Zoviet France “Scrama Mdags”
Porest “Frosty Leer”
Plasticland “The Gingerbread House”
Gokcen Kaynatan “Pencerenin Perdesini”
Conrad Schnitzler & Borngraber & Struver “Con-Struct 7”
Dennis Connor “Descent into Cello”
Prince Paul w/ Breeze “Steady Slobbin’”

[your DJ speaks over Herbaliser remixing Nils Petter Molvaer’s Platonic Years]

The Spacewurm “Seishi Sappuku Kei”
Ronnie Nyogetsu Seldin Shakuhachi “Makoto Shinjitsu” [excerpt]
Funeral Souvenir “Succo Di Gravidanza”
Wolfen “Low Attention Span”
Meat Beat Manifesto “Hail to the Bopp”
Laurent Doncino “Soudain dans la foret profonde” [excerpt]
Hovercraft “Benzedrine”
Cold Sun “See What You Cause”
Los Lichis “Le rhythme se precipite “
Zoskia Meets Sugar Dog “Smile”

[your DJ speaks]

Del Jones’ Positive Vibes “Needle N’Spoon”
Secret Chiefs 3 “Book T: Orbital Ballroom in the Hall of Resurrection”
Kraftwerk “Hall of Mirrors”
Marlo Eggplant “Liquid Release” from a split CD she did with Chefkirk
Der Plan “Gefahrliche Clowns”
Ehsan Saboohi “Phonemic Chant II”
Sheep & Goats
Mayan Apocalypse “Gate” [excerpt]
Illusion of Safety “Sham”
Yves Potvin “Matieres a Reactions”

[end of recording]

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