Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Merkaba, She Wrote: WZRD 10/30/2016

Recently discovered, hidden deep in the archives!! 
(Two unlabeled CDs found on closet floor)

Kit Wilmans Fegradoe “Annica”
Steno Booster album!
bhaavitaaH bhuutasthaH “Ruckkopplung”
The Library of Babel “Branching”
Peter Michael Hamel “Colours of Time”
German Army “Flogged Ritual”
Walls of Genius “Before…And After”
Domotic “Le Demon”
Sparkle in Grey “Minka Minka”
Quttinirpaaq “Malvert”
Venom P. Stinger “And Suddenly”
Walls of Genius “It’s a Scary World Out There”

[your DJ speaks over a Chris Watson recording of some water]

Lucia Pamela “Moontown/Walking on the Moon”
Julian Cope “Gogmagog”
M “That’s the Way the Money Goes”
Vox Populi “Tik & Tics”
Goodiepal “Dub’er Pa Ikonet”
Illusion of Safety “Faden Die”
Runhild Gammelsaeter “Expanding The Universe”
Yann Geslin “Variations Didactiques”
Heigh-Ho (from Snow-White)

[your dj speaks over] Alexis Zoumbas “Tsamiko Makedonias”

The Attack “Too Old”
Meat Joy  “Another Pair”
Shockabilly “Instant Karma”
Paula Abdul “Cold Hearted”
Excerpt of Blood rhythms “in a vacuum”
Plack Blague “Boyz Club”
David Hykes & The Harmonic Choir “Current Circulation, Part 1: Ascending Mount Summation”
Yannick Dauby “Cetaean Lethargy”
Drainolith “Blam Again”
Elliott Sharp/Carbon “D-Cipher”
Huoy Meas “Unique Child”
The spirit of Navy!

[your dj speaks over some instrumental tears for fears (everybody wants to rule the world)]

Messa “Blood”
Philippe Mion, the first of “Three Open Sketches pour 3 synthesizers”
O.Cope “Figment Of Imagination”
Manfred Mann “I Got My Mojo Working”
Bongo Joe “Innocent Little Doggie”
Ben Lukas Boysen “Selene”
John Callaghan “Once More With Feeling”

[Your DJ speaks over West End Girls]

“Conveyor Belt” by Johnny Hawksworth
Aufgehoben “Ignorance Oblivion Contempt”
Donny Hathaway “The Ghetto” [slowed down considerably]
SQ “Didgenstein River”
Suicide “Hot Ticket”

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