Monday, February 18, 2019

Fermentar the Sane: WZRD Playlist, 2/18/2019

Yannis Kyriakides & Andy Moor "Day Two"
Xavier Charles "12 Clarinets in a Fridge" [excerpt]
Eddie Ladoire & Sebastien Roux "Bip Bip"
Corporate Park "Too Expensive to Live"
Edu Comelles & Javier Pinango "Bolsas De Marca" [excerpt]
Bob Bellerue "Princess Turnt"
Meg Lee Chin "Sweat"
Snakeman Show - first two tracks from their 1981 album
Rip Rig & Panic "The Ultimate in Fun" ...from that same Snakeman Show album

[your DJ speaks over Baba Yaga]

Baba Yaga, side 1 of Collage, mixed with Blue Sausage Infant "Am I Blue"
Pip Proud "Adreneline & Richard"
Abul Mogard "Bound Universe" [excerpt]
Kleistwahr "The Hunted" [excerpt]
Melon (from that same Snakeman Show album) "I Will Call You"
Dengue Dengue Dengue "La Rama de Tamarindo"

[your dj speaks over Aswad's "Warrior Charge"]

Writing On the Wall "Bogeyman"
Freedom Express "Get Down"
Jambinai "Deus Benedicat Tibi"
Dance of the Horse and Mang from The Music of Vietnam
The Brown Line, heading north to WZRD

[your dj speaks]

Sunn O))) "A Shaving of the Horn that Speared You" [excerpt]
Super Heavy Metal "One" from Music for Cymbals
Francois Bayle "Texture" from Vibrations Composees
Funeral Souvenir "Kaninchen Und Wein"
Dick Clark on Police Squad!
The Dead Milkmen "Big Lizard"

[your DJ speaks over Majeur's "The Traveler"]

Horoscope "Narcissist Vague"
Breakdancing Ronald Reagan "endless punishing of the soundclit"
Kohti Tuhoa "Ohjelmoitu Voittaja"
Will Guthrie "Slimcake"
Blondes "Wire (Huerco S. Remix)" [excerpt]
We Be Echo "Sexuality"

[your dj speaks over Revolting Cocks]

La Femme "Antitaxi"
Ton Steine Scherben "Rauch-Haus-Song"
Metal Urbain "Anarchie en France"
Frank Ifeild "Whiplash"
Bren't Lewiis Ensemble "Why?"
Los Siquicos Litoralenos "Otro Universo Anexo"
Valerio Tricoli "Error"
Wayne & The Impressions "I Saw You"

[your DJ speaks once more]

One of You "Invincible"
Susanne Rosenberg "Herding Calls'
 [end of recording]
Natural Snow Buildings "Gorgons"

t'anks for listening!

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