Monday, January 14, 2019

WZRD Playlist: Monday, 1/14/2019 5-8pm: Coalition Technician

Thomas Leer & Robert Rental "Attack Decay"
Mystic Inane "Polite Society"
The Stooges "Dirt"
Mohammed Hossein Komanace "Borzee Kalah"
Perry Mason, damn it
Tecnica Material "Tunel"
...mixed with: Mu 0 ".appnd Sne DIV"
...mixed with: Bloodyminded "Exercise (one)"
Kosa Nostra "For the Best"
Big City Orchestra "posible" [excerpt]
Vox Populi "Mind"
Meredith Monk "Unison"
Alesia Cosmos "First funk"
Rafael Junchaya "Piedra del Q'osqo"

[Your DJ speaks over Lalo Schifrin's "Birdland"

Johanna Went's Box "From the Video By Shirley Clarke"
Gokcen Kaynatan "Evren"
The Residents w/ Renaldo & The Loaf "Self-Playing"
Bagpipe & Percussion recorded in Libya, from African Rhythms & Instruments
Keith Fullerton Whitman & Greg Davis, recorded live in 2002 at La Casa in Washington DC
JH1.FS3 "Far from Spring"
Antimatter "flyback transformer"
Voice Crack "Blow Up That Jetsam"
Juice Machine "Wagner Creek" [short excerpt]
Factrix w/ Monte Cazazza "Death by Hanging"
Jung An Tagen "Ab & An"
Elsa Justel "Chi-Pa-Boo"
Don Tiger's "Cantos Al Aral Menguante"

{your DJ splains herself}

Rosemary Clooney "Come On-a My House"
King Snake Roost "My Zippo"
King Snake Roost covering "I Want You"
Katra Turana "Yatara Chan's Annoying Noise"
Hawkwind "Earth Calling" recorded live in 1972
Urbanfailure "Regenerated"
Pit Bull Babysitter "The Head Talks Cheese"

[Dj's talkin']

Danny Elfman's "Cell 63" from The Forbidden Zone
The Flamin' Groovies "Slow Death"
Bourbonese Qualk "Succubare, Exposure"
Rashad Becker "Themes III"
Boney M. "Rivers of Babylon"
...mixed, eventually, with: Glands of External Secretion "Your Sourdough is Poison"
Numb "Christmeister"
Lewis Taylor "Stoned, pt. 1"

[your DJ speaks atop "Glide" by Pleasurrrrre]

Badu Rice Harvest (Anklung Circle Dance) 

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