Monday, November 4, 2019

Don't Mix 'Em: WZRD Playalist: Nov. 4th 2019


Langham Research Centre "Sink Speeds"
Liz Meredith repro. track I [excerpt]
Jing "Permission" and "Meaning of Pupil"
Psychological Strategy Board "Stranded Here for All of Eternity"
Kaada "Thank You For Giving Me Your Valuable Time"
...with some Pharmakon mixed in at the end
Pharmakon "Self-Regulating System"

Bernard Bonnier "<<I Can't Sing>>"
...with: Marina Rosenfeld "I Launch an Attack"
The Residents "Godsong"
Drainolith "Sevens/Cuttin' Squares" [excerpt]
Rearing of Silkworms "Textiles Excavated At Naya" 

[the wizardj revisits what we've heard]

Jabladav "Communion With Mother & Machine" [excerpt]
...mixed with: Fluxmonkey, track 1 of Cryptosonology
Nena "Das Lang Der Elefanten"
Ka Baird "The Orion Arm"
Chris Goudreau "A Diet of Speed and Beer" [part of it]
Nat Adderly "Quit It"
Acid Arab "Stil"

[she speaks]

Billy Fury "Wondrous Place"
Hainbach "Clubbs"
(like oh my god)
...mixed with David Toop & Max Eastley "Cardiomancy"
PETBRICK "Dr. Blair"
Cube "Other Common Myths"
Rodion G.A. "Nu Tu Vei Fi"
Durul Gence "Black Cat"
The Members "Goodbye to the Job"

[it's the dj agin]

The Pump "Bats Fist"
Eddie Ladoire & Pierre Bastien "Phantom Dance #1" {excerpt}
I'm not mixing anything with this, this is what it sounds like.  
No Light For Tomorrow "Black Worms"
Mozart Film Strip
Glands of Eternal Secretion "Philadelphia Ketchup"
The Shadow Ring "The Way Of The World"
Rashad Becker "Themes V"
...mixed a little at the end with: Rotten Piece "Propane Saturday" turn mixed with Popol Vuh's "Mantra of the Touching of the Earth"
BCUC "Isivunguvungu"

[here are the track titles, read back over the Ventures' version of HOTRS]

Colin Potter "Never Underestimate the Power of Nothing"
...mixed with some Noh music later on
Tenderlonious "Caramel"
...with Altar of Flies "Frozen Forever in Time"
Pete Shelley "Think For Yourself"
 [end of recording]
Glenn Branca's score for the dance "Bad Smells"
Baris Manco "Binboganin Kizi"

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