Monday, November 18, 2019

Perbatim: WZRD Playlist, Nov. 18th 2019

Recording coming, just as soon as I can find that CD

Tim Shaw "Three Different Sized Vessels"
Marc Codsi "Invocation I"
Psychological Strategy Board "Essential Pathological Process"
Christophe De Babalon & Widt "Zinti"
Jing "It Used to Be a Dream of Mine"
Kaada "Go Brown"
Bubble Puppy "Days Of Our Time"
Oscar Sulley & The Uhuru Dance Band "Olufeme"

[your dj speaks over Jack Fascinato's "Desert Stars"]

Ausserhalb "Zeitzelle"
...with: Gokcen Kaynatan "Cehennem"
Fletcher Pratt "La Confusion Toujours"
Sesso Violento "Sarava"
Merzbow "Helga's Death Disco"
Frank Pahl "Warped #28"

[the dj speaks]

Jarboe "Walls Are Bleeding"
...with Gen Ken Montgomery "Subliminal Clutter" [excerpt]
Urbain Autopsy & K "Tribal Moment"
4Trackboy & Echomann "Musik Zum Marscheiren"
The Dead Milkmen "Gorilla Girl"
Eddie Warner "Shut up"
Masterbite Mega Mix??
Bill Withers
P16D4 "No! No!"
Bonus Beast "Direct Dive"
Einsturzende Neubauten "Die Explosion Im Festspielhaus"
...later with Astral Social Club "Aggro Vault"
...which in turn got mixed with Sleep Chamber "The Beast 666"
Lee Fields "Let a Man Do What He Wanna Do"

[your dj speaks over Ryoji Ikeda "Untitled 25"]

Baron Mordant "Aldi Bin Bag"
Joao Renato Orecchia "Successfully Meaningless"
Reinhold Friedl playing Alvin Lucier's "Music for Piano with Magnetic Strings"
...with Electric Company & Tom Recchion "Kelvinator"
Wire "Lowdown"
Junk Science "You Never Know"
19 "Rooms"
...with: Damno Te "Cerulean Climax (Part 3)"
Los Texao "La Pelea del Gobernador"
Oiseau-Tempete "Nec Mergitur"

[the wzrdj speaks again]

Holiday in Cambodia
Selda "Yaz Gazeteci Yaz"
Los Primos "El Baile de la Brasa"
Danny Elfman - Theme from The Forbidden Zone
Larkin Grimm "Ride That Cyclone"
kyklos galaktikos "tragedie II"
Ursula Le Guin & Todd Barton "Lullaby"
(...with Banu Leko)
Arthur Russell "Tone Bone Kone"
Shit & Shine "Writing Poetry On Your Forehead With the Tip of a Hunting Knife"

Debashish Bhattacharya & Friends "A Mystical Morning"

[end of recording]

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