Monday, November 25, 2019

Things You Don't Want: WZRD Playlist: 11/25/19

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new nurse
...with: Network Glass "NLB"
Severed Heads "Flower" 
VMS Elit "Nighttime Scorcheries"
Blackstreet "No Diggity"
Therminal C "Sputnik Crash"
Tout Bleu "Souviens-Toi"
Matthias Schuster "An Rah Robeel"
...with John McCowen "Fur Korv"
..and the end of a record
Illusion of Safety, live at No Fun 2005
The Sound of Electricity vs. The Shape of Electricity
Piermario Ciani "Trax 160784"
...Monoton "Wizard C-64"
Maju "rst02" 

[your DJ speaks]

Sparks "Whippings and Apologies"
Mamuthones "A Place in the World"
Alemayehu Eshete "Mekeyershin Salawq"
Arthur King & The Night Sea "Hi"
Chicharra "Alloy"
Dali Vision "Can't Stand"
Bruno Galindo, Javier Diez Ena, Dick El Demasiado & Hector Arnau "Elija..."
...mixed eventually with Gerechtigkets Liga - Live in NYC December 1984
Black Disco "Night Express"

[the dj speaks again]

Drew McDowall "This is What It's Like"
Avarus "Loylyvesi" [excerpt]
Marta SmiLga "untitled #11"
Aaron Dilloway "Very Inprecise" [excerpt]
...mixed a bit with: John Cage's "Roaratorio"
Lalgudi G Jayaraman "Ninnuvina Sukhamugaana, Neeraja Nayana" [excerpt]
Brett Naucke "A.N.A."
Edward Ka-Spel "The Ministry Of Dosinformation"
Cotito "Homenaje a Mangue"

 [your dj speaks over Briano Eno-o's "Pierre in Mist"

Felix Figueroa "Pico & Sepulveda"
Gum Takes Tooth "No Walls, No Air"
Terminal White "I'm Alone"
the wind
Cajmere "Brighter Days"
Joke Lanz "Dutschke"
Two Daughters "Untitled" from Kiss the Cloth/Gloria
The Damned "Problem Child"
Dobie Gray "Look At Me"
Divergencia Socialista "Thomas Morus Dub/Aqui & Aqui"

[dance you mutha!  the dj she speaks]

DOG "Endless Suburban Shitholes"
Bruce Lamont live at WZRD

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