Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Believe it, babe~

Originally Aired on WZRD Chicago, 88.3 FM from 4-7pm on Monday, 11/14/2016

John Oswald “Open” from the album, Plexure
Antigama “Ecstasy”
Biota “Vagabones” [excerpt]
LR & Puce Mary “Like a Dog II”
Javanese Court Gamelan
Cyclobe “Strix Nebulosa”
Joseph Hammer “I Love You, Please Love Me Too” [part 2][excerpt]
Some Blood Rhythms mixed in
Mar Seck “Vagabonde”
[your dj speaks over some static]
A Certain Ratio “Crystal”
Oren Ambarchi “Quixotism Part 2”
Anna Zaradny “Olive Queen”
Elma Mayer “My First Kazoo”
Kevin Ayers “the Lady Rachel”
[your dj speaks over a field recording by Yannick Dauby]
Otto Von Schirach “Pelican Moondance”
Vas Deferens Organization “Tao City Hovercraft”
Der Plan “Wir Werden Immer Mehr” (translates to:  We Are Always More)
Madeline Gray singing some Joseph Canteloube, recorded in 1930
Garry Bradbury “The Miry Verge”
The Master Musicians of Jajouka “The Middle of the Night”
The Internationale w/ Hilde Marie Holsen “Muskovitt” & Rhythm Plague “Radio Free Dude” mixed in and over
Band De-Fictions “Hidup Untok Chinta”
[your dj speaks!]
Don Hosea “John Henry”
Runhild Gammelsaeter “Life”
Butthole Surfers version of “Hurdy Gurdy Man”
Shit and Shine “Electric Pony”
Machuca Cumbia “Cumbia Alivianada” (Stayin’ Alive)”
[your dj speaks over some Bill Laswell]
Rancid Hell Spawn “Hippie Fat”
Kink Gong “Kikzu”
Charlie Morrow “Breath Chant”
Little Fyodor “A Reaction to the Election”
[your dj speaks over [Alexis Zoumbas]
Mani Neumeier “Jingle Shiva-Bells”
The Birthday Party “Release the Bats”

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