Saturday, April 22, 2017


3/13/2017, WZRD Chicago, 88.3 FM


Flipper “Sex Bomb”
Der Plan “Es Werde Licht
Delmore fx “Furtivo”
Big City Orchestra “Blue Jay”
Devo “Booji Boy’s Funeral”
Tohuwabohu “OAFRM4”
Morten Poulsen “Aerodynamics Pt. 2”
Juke 19 “Zambia”
The Stranglers “Peaches”
Love Joys “Strange Feeling”
Robert Turman “The Nodes of Ranvier”
Cotton Museum “Hatching Extraction”
Harry Partsch “And on the Seventh Day, Petals Fell on Petaluma” [verses 1-17]
Syd Barrett “Two of a Kind”
[your dj speaks]
Styrenes “Drano in Your Veins”
Tole “DogBagDisorder”
Karthala 72 “Diable Du Feu”
Grace Jones “Warm Leatherette”
Nervous Norvus “Transfusion”
Slaughterhouse 5 “Kill the Dead”
The Fictitious Sports “Boo to You Too”
Richard Trythall “Omaggio a Jerry Lee Lewis”
Purity Supreme “Milk St.” [Leslie Winer]
Jandek “Om”
Aaron Dilloway “Tremors”
[your dj speaks]
John Foxx “He’s a Liquid”
Bad Brains “Coptic Times”
LAND “End Zone”
Jon Appleton “C.C.C.P.” [from 1969]
Abdi Coscun “Makam Rast”
Henry Badowski “Life is Grand”
Hacker Farm “Ravewitch”
Ennio Morricone “Theme from the film, Fear in the City”
Psychic TV “Twisted”
Piotr Kurek “Go Up”

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