Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Taste it, taste it, taste it

Originally aired on 88.3 FM WZRD Chicago on 1/9/2017


Classical Thai piece entitled “Sumran Dontri Klong” performed by the Piphat Ensemble
Spiteful Womb “Mystique of Helplessness”
Buffy Sainte-Marie “The Vampire”
Orchid Spangiafora “Asafoetida” [excerpt]`
Constable Flavour “Haute Piss”
George Harrison “Run of the Mill”
African Head Charge “In a Trap”
Zeek Sheck “Wax” (mixed in with the African Head Charge)
Valadia Snow “Frustration”
[your dj speaks over the wind]
Rick Wakeman “The Battle”
Teenage Panzerkorps “Kill Your Eyes”
Godflesh “Like Rats”
Hot Chocolate “Brother Louie”
Joseph Hammer “I Love You, Please Love Me Too” [excerpt]
Handsome Boy Modeling School “The Runway Song”
Joseph Hammer “I Love You, Please Love Me Too” [another excerpt]
Didjeridu piece called “Morning Star” performed by Will Seachnasaigh
KK Null “Plasmagma 3”
Lars Greve “Marens Mauw”
[the dj speaks her mind]
Kink Gong “Khosa (Sheep)”
Giannis Stamatious & P. Vasileiou “Glykies”
Jack Ruby “Palaatine March”
Maniacs “I Ain’t Gonna Be History”
Alice Cooper “Still No Air”
Annette Peacock “Real & Defined Androgens”
Phil Minton “Class Struggle”
Ivy Barkakati “Meringato”
[your dj talks over an instrumental version of “Shout”]
Toshimaru Nakamura “Nimb (No Input Mixing Board) #5”
Kommisar Hjuler & Mama Bar “Lichtblicke”
Keiichiro Shibuya, Norbert Moslang &Toshimaru Nakamura “5’52” from the album, ATAK008
Jesus Lizard “Pop Song”
Susana “Burning Sea”
Monopoly Child Star Searchers “Champagne’s Amazon Friend”
Judy Nylon “Jailhouse Rock”
Mar Seck “Angelina”
Pacific 231 “Take 38 Part 1”
Die Krupps “Risk”
[your dj speaks over POMP AND CIRCUMSTANCE]

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