Wednesday, April 5, 2017


Originally Aired on 12/21/2016

Moondog “Crescent Moon March”
Unearth Noise “Divining Rod”
Portion Control “Le Crunch”
Toshimaru Nakamura “Nimb (No Input Mixing Board) #3”
Jhande Nath “Lahara Saamp Ke Masta Karneka”
Robert Wyatt “Little Red Riding Hood Hit the Road”
John Oswald “Cyfer”
The Goldberg Variations performed by Craig Leon et. al. [excerpt]
Thirteen Hurts “ZhUOZ”
Chris McGregor “Mra”
Daisy Chainsaw “You Be My Friend”
Philip Glass “Ave”
Akio Suzuki excerpt of his album, Analapos
Flight F.I.N.A.L.: a Dramatic Comparison to Death written & produced by Rev. Forrest McCullough [excerpt]
w/ some Yannick Dauby mixed in, from his album Lind, Raud
…and some of Anna Zaradny's “Mauve 2,” too...
“Towers of Dub” by the Orb [excerpt]
Michalis Moschoutis “Braced Pair”
“Dastgah Homayoun” --a classical Iranian song performed by Faramarz Payvar & Ensemble
Ted Milton “Love is Like a Violence”
Giuseppe Ielasi/Domenico Sciano “The “Still” or Moving Image”
Daniel Menche – side A of his album, Furious Eclipse
Christian Marclay “His Master’s Voice”
 “Red Velvet” by the Kirby Sisters
[your dj finally speaks!  ..over some Nightmares on Wax]
King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard “Road Train”
Cheikh Mohamed Riffi “Mr. M’bark”
Psychic TV “NY Scum” [Excerpt]
Agitation Free “You Play For Us Today”
John’s Children “Mustang Ford”
[your dj speaks over K. Leimer “Aerial”]
Moth Cock “LEE”
Illusion of Safety “Historical PT II”
Van-Anh Vo playing some Satie
[your dj speaks]
Soft Cell “Sex Dwarf”
Angela Alexander and J.D. Saddler “Don’t Make Me Kill You”
Paradise Bangkok Molam International Band --???

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